it's time to take back OUR world


The reason you are here is likely because you've seen the deliberate false flags of the so-called defenders of liberty, mostly American, who (rightly) say that the people of earth are under attack by those who would enslave us or dispose of most of us.

They are correct in that this attack on us is well underway. But they are deliberately/naively blaming the wrong people (the "UN" the "Communists", Russians etc.).

One can only wonder after the 9/11 amateur but murderous attempt by rightwing elements (and the obvious cruise missile attack on the Pentagon and the controlled explosions in New York still in denial) while we all now know to be true without doubt were false flags, that why these 'right wing broadcasters' would still think that Commmies, Mussies, the UN (smirk, laugh)are behind this plan to take away their (our) freedoms.

My view is that these "right wing broadcasters on liberty" are the enemy - they are in on this. They are actually the enemies of freedom. Time to wake up if you are a REAL patriot - don't believe these guys -- THEY are the false flag.

One of these prominent nutters deleted my post that suggested the FEMA camps ARE NOT to round up you and I, in fact they are there to circle the wagons of the "chosen ones" and protect them when the time comes to do whatever they have planned.. Think about it. Makes a lot more sense doesn't it?

If these guys really are genuine in looking after us all brother for brother, then they ought to join hands and not try to turn America into some kind of right wing dystopia.
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